APEC Center for Technology Transfer is a non-profit international scientific and technological intermediary agency engaged in the field of technology transfer in the Asia-Pacific region.
Approved in 22nd APEC ISTWG Meeting in Singapore in 2002, APEC Center for Technology Transfer was established with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province and People’s Government of Suzhou Municipality.

Objective & Role



  • April

    China’s proposal to set up “APEC Center for Technology Transfer” obtained unanimous approval by all the member economies in the 22nd APEC Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (ISTWG) Meeting in Singapore.


    Ministry of Science and Technology of China approved the establishment of APEC Center for Technology Transfer.


  • November

    APEC Forum on S&T Resource Sharing and Collaboration Mechanism among APEC Economies.


  • September

    APEC Symposium on Utilization and Protection of Water Resources.


    The 37th Industrial Science and Technology Working Group(ISTWG) Meeting.


  • October

    APEC Promotion Meeting of Smart Grid Project.


  • September

    Conference of APEC Technology Commercialization Program.



  • 2003

     In November 2003, APECTT attended China (Ningbo) APEC Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Alliance Meeting.

  • 2004

     In June 2004, APECTT participated in The 3rd APEC Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Conference and Fair.

  • 2005

     In October 2005, APECTT organized a visit to Hongkong Productivity Council.

  • 2006

     In August 2006, APECTT signed Scientific Innovative Cooperation Memorandum with TechnoRAPEC.

  • 2008

    In November 2008, APECTT attended “The 1st Pacific International Innovation Forum” held in Vladivostok, Russia.

  • 2010

     In August 2010, APECTT reached cooperation agreement with University of Western Ontario, Canada.

  • 2012

     In December 2012, the Sino–Germany (Suzhou) Advanced Manufacturing Technology Promotion Service Union, set up jointly by APECTT and Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI), was officially inaugurated.

  • 2013

     In November 2013, enterprise diagnosis training and Sino–Japan enterprise match-making activity was successfully held in Suzhou Innovation Plaza.

  • 2014

     In March 2014, APECTT organized the Sino–England New Agriculture Match-making Activity with British Biological Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Innovation China UK (ICUK).

    In November 2014, APECTT participated in The 16th China International High – Tech Achievement Fair.

  • 2015

     In March 2015, APECTT participated in 2015 The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair.

    In March 2015, APECTT had exchange with Taiwan Cross–Strait Science and Technology Exchange Association, discussing technology transfer and training of technology managers.


    In April 2015, APECTT participated in China (Beijing) Transnational Technology Transfer Conference.