• Analysis and testing services

    To organize instrument platform network test teams and professional test service center to provide external test services.

  • Scientific instruments research and development

    To organize institutions of scientific instrument development application and industrialization to jointly carry out independent research and development of scientific instruments industry and promote its wide use.

  • Technical training exchange

    To hold various symposiums, technical exchanges, improve the level of analytical testing techniques.

  • Research and development of testing methods

    To organize its members to carry out analysis of test methods and test standards.

  • Operation and maintenance services

    Equipment maintenance, adjustment, upgrading; and to provide reagents, standard samples, supplies distribution and other operational support services.

  • Evaluation of new purchased equipment

    To jointly evaluate large-scale scientific equipment projects funded by budget of various departments.


Suzhou Technology Commercialization Service Platform

The Suzhou Technology Commercialization Service Platform aims mainly to provide services for technology innovation of local companies, by way of a combination of online and off-line platforms, and to promote an effective and dynamic matchmaking between science and technology resources both at home and abroad and local companies through innovating on service modes. Its main features are regular availability, online and offline integration, and platform technology management functions. By holding activities like project presentation, promotion, demand matching and bidding, the platform, by covering the local technology companies that are in demand of technology, and taking advantage of the Suzhou Independent Innovation Plaza as a gathering place of agencies of technology broker services, provides “one-station” service for technology commercialization.

Suzhou Service Center for Dispatched S&T Officials

The main responsibility of Suzhou Service Center for Dispatched S&T Officials is to provide supporting services for the group of dispatched S&T officials, help the group play its role as a bridge, promote industry-university cooperation, make plans for it and promote its sustainable development.

Project Consulting Department

The Project Consulting Department takes the responsibility of providing services for funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the technology innovation of small and medium-sized companies and their daily management (to be determined by Suzhou Bureau of Science and Technology), and of a series of management tasks from counselling, application, review, evaluation to supervision and inspection of the innovation funds set by the Science and Technology Ministry (in the five cities and five districts in Suzhou) and that set by Jiangsu Provincial government (in the five districts in Suzhou).
Project department provides information on policies in science and technology to the public. For value-added services, the center has set up cooperation platforms with universities, research institutes and consulting agencies, and has established professional database, which has enabled it to provide intellectual support in technological innovation, production management and marketing management to small- and medium-sized technological enterprises.
Project department is in charge of establishing a consultancy services platform for technological enterprises in Suzhou, in order to encourage small- and medium-sized technological enterprises to learn from others. Experts in enterprises from both home and abroad have been invited to provide consultancy to enterprises in research and development, collaborative innovation, production management and brand marketing so as to improve their capability in technological and management innovation, accelerate upgrading and become stronger.

Science and Technology Training Center

Suzhou’s Science and Technology Training Center is a training organization under Suzhou’s APEC Technological Transfer Center(APECTT, or Productivity Promotion Center). It’s been established for 19 years. It’s a leading training organization in the non-governmental sectors, which has been awarded many times by both the province and the city. It aims to serve the society while abiding by the laws, regulations and policies. It provides training courses in technology brokerage, policies on scientific and technological projects, research and development management as well as courses provided by the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. Most of its courses are non-profit.


Suzhou Hi-Tech Enterprises Association