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Seminar on Shanghai Free-Trade Zone Held by Suzhou High-Tech Enterprises Association

APECTT | 2013.11.25

The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which was launched on September 29, has brought both opportunities and challenges to its surrounding areas. What should the middle- and small-sized enterprises do? In order to help member enterprises to better understand the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and also to vitalize the high-tech enterprises, the Suzhou High-Tech Enterprises Association organized the Seminar on Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. It started in the afternoon of November 21 in the conference room on the fourth floor of Suzhou Platinum Hanjue Hotel. Representatives from nearly 160 enterprises attended the seminar.


Lin Guolong, director of the research center in Shanghai Maritime University and expert on China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone delivered a speech with the title: “Face Development, Innovation and Reform - on China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone”. 

Professor Lin offered detailed presentation on the positioning of the Zone, its important policies and significance, on how enterprises should seize this opportunity and make use of its spillover effect and achieve transformation. He focused on the ripple effect and pulling effect the Zone will bring as well as on how the enterprises in Suzhou should learn from Shanghai’s experience and promote the innovation and reform in Suzhou. His presentation enhanced the enterprises’ faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the Communist Party and the government and in the development of the enterprises. It stimulated entrepreneurs’ aspiration in innovation, transformation and reform. Later, attendees raised questions to Professor Lin, which heated the seminar.