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Suzhou’s First Technology Managers’ Training Program in 2014

| 2014.06.10

Suzhou’s first technology managers’ training program in 2014 co-organized by Suzhou’s Science and Technology Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau and APECTT opened yesterday. Among those present at the opening ceremony were Tao Guanhong, deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau, Zhu Liancheng, director of the department of research findings and technology market of the Science and Technology Bureau and representatives from market department of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. 


The training courses aim at providing basic knowledge on technology brokerage, arousing managers’ interest so as to expand the technology managers’ team in Suzhou, promote the commercialization of research findings and economic transformation and upgrading. Attended were 280 representatives from the research staff, science and technology management staff of enterprises in Suzhou, program managers from universities, research institutes, technological transfer centers, technology incubation centers, technology associations, societies, innovation parks, and leaders from towns in Suzhou.