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“Science and Technology Service Platform in Incubator” Series Four: Visiting the National University Science and Technology Park in Suzhou University

| 2015.03.13

Since December last year, a program was launched by Suzhou’s incubator association for science and technology enterprises, which aimed at helping micro businesses to understand the latest policies by providing on-site services. On March 13, the association organized the fourth event: visiting the National University Science and Technology Park in Suzhou University, in order to bring the latest information to those enterprises under incubation. 

In that afternoon, the association organized representatives working for the service platform of the commercialization of research findings and the scientific and technological financial supermarket platform to visit the park. In the process, representatives introduced the functions, operation methods and procedures of the platforms, policies on technological transfer and tax preference for technology contracts, and answered questions by 30 enterprises’ representatives. Heated discussions were held, and these enterprises expressed wish for more events like this. After the tour, the platforms’ representatives provided consultancy to individual representatives from enterprises, in order to familiarize them with policies on science and technology.