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China-Germany Technological Partnering Conference

| 2015.04.16

China-Germany Technological Partnering Conference was held by China Guanghua Foundation and Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau on April 14, 2015,  in Innovation Square. Among those present are Reinhard Koch, president of Germany’s EVU, Zhang Qijun, chairman of the British-Chinese High-Tech Business Association, and Wang Fenglin, director of the department of science and technology of China Guanghua Foundation. The conference was hosted by Li Peng, deputy director of the department of science and technology of China Guanghua Foundation. 


During the conference, Mr. Koch presented on 14 of Germany’s advanced technologies, including technologies on waste water treatment, household waste treatment, new air filters,  recyclable plant fiber boards, aeronautical Perspex, etc.. In the interactive session, questions were raised among the 62 representatives from Suzhou’s enterprises. Record shows that 16 cooperation programs were initially agreed upon during the conference. 


Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. To deepen technological exchanges between China and Germany is strategically important to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing as well as other traditional industries. The conference will continue to serve as a platform of exchanges and cooperation for enterprises from both countries. 

The conference was co-organized by China Guanghua Foundation and Suzhou Productivity Promotion Center. At the conference, a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was held between China Guanghua Foundation and the British-Chinese High-Tech Business Association.