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2015 China (Suzhou) High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Forum Held by Suzhou Productivity Promotion Center

| 2015.07.17

The 2015 China (Suzhou) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Forum was held on July 8 in Innovation Square by Suzhou Productivity Promotion Center, with an attempt to further study, publicize and implement the State Council’s  "Made in China 2025" notice , and actively implement the "Made in China 2025" plan. Representatives from relevant enterprises and associations in Suzhou were present.

The forum is the fourth event as part of the nationwide lecture tour on the  "Made in China 2025" plan organized by the High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Federation. It received positive response. In May, the State Council issued a notice on "Made in China 2025" plan - the first ten-year action plan to strengthen the country through manufacturing. It aims to accelerate upgrading and to transform the equipment manufacturing from a large industry into a strong sector, through the  integration of informationization and industrialization, and intelligent manufacturing. To this end, two experts, Xu Jing and Wei Zhiqiang have been invited to deliver speeches on the development of equipment manufacturing: “Demonstration on ‘Made in China 2025’ Industry and Intelligent Manufacturing under Industry 4.0” and “Evolution of Enterprises’ Value Chain in Intelligent Manufacturing”.