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Symposium on International Technology Transfer and Innovation Held by Local Productivity Promotion Center

| 2016.04.01

Symposium on International Technology Transfer and Innovation, co-sponsored by Suzhou Productivity Promotion Center (SZPPC), Steinbeis Technology Transfer Center of Germany and Lean Institute, was held at the Innovation Plaza on March 30 as so to serve the companies, improve their capabilities of innovation and management and upgrade their industrial structure. 


Ms. Tan Yan, chief representative of Steinbeis, China, Yu Fenghua, head of Lean Institute, and Yang Kai, chief consultant of Tang Shu Dao Lean Strategic Consulting company, gave keynote speeches on the three-step strategy of Steinbeis’ international technology transfer, leadership of Lean Institute and upgrading from lean producer to lean company respectively. The symposium also had 20 German science and technology projects introduced, attracting more than 100 company representatives and technology managers. 


Zhu Liancheng, director of technology service department of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, also gave a speech at the symposium. He pointed out that innovation and upgrading of a company would not be possible without technology transfer and its commercialization, and that the company should attach great importance to it. He also talked about a series of policies that have been rolled out to support the technology transfer and commercialization. 


Company representatives and technology managers were interested in what had been discussed at the symposium. They asked many questions according to their own condition, such as how to secure international technology transfer and how to realize lean work, to which the speakers gave patient answers one by one.