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A number of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Projects Landed in Suzhou

| 2023.08.05

SIP Science & Technology Town Mayors Alliance organized an event on July 19 to offer an opportunity for a number of public institutions, higher education institutions, hospitals and enterprises to seek cooperation in developing technologies that can promote high-level industrial development. At the event, a number of industry-university-research cooperation projects were signed.


Changshu Institute of Technology, a school in Changshu, a county-level city under Suzhou’s jurisdiction, signed an agreement with SIP-based medical devices companies EMAN and Amathes to jointly set up an R&D center focused on smart biological sample storage systems, visual balloon systems and disposable minimally invasive arthroscopy systems.

Among other projects are those designed to develop intelligent cold chain monitoring systems and visual Eustachian tube balloon dilating catheters.

Additionally, several new products such as a 15-minute chemiluminescence analysis system and a thyrocricocentesis kit were shown.