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Cutting-edge Scientific Research Going into Daily Use

| 2022.06.09

The experiments conducted by spallation neutron sources may seem beyond the scope of ordinary people, but some of them could be relevant to public daily life. Spallation neutron sources are like "super microscopes," which are the ideal probes for studying the microstructure of materials.


Spallation neutron sources may be used for studying lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones. 

Recently, the daily use of China's spallation neutron source, which is located in Guangdong province, has been tapped. Neutron scattering, for example, is a useful tool for studying lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones. Spallation neutron sources are also expected to bring pivotal technological innovations to tumor therapy.


An atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer from China's spallation neutron source has been successfully beamed recently, which will provide a test environment of atmospheric neutron irradiation for scientific research in the field of new semiconductor devices.


In the future, the number of Chinese spectrometers will be increased to 20, covering a wider range of research fields. The power of accelerator shooting and target station will be increased from 100 kW to 500 kW, greatly advancing the capacity of equipment research.