Technology of manufacturing silver nanowire and transparent conductive film

Technical Field: Nanometer Material
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer
Status: Mass Production
From: China

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Breaking many technology bottlenecks during R&D, this technology has reached international leading level.


Silver nanowire:

a) various lengths including 5-20 microns, 20-40microns, 40-60 microns, over 60microns, etc.

b) various diameters including 20-40 nanometers, 40-60 nanometers, 60-80 nanometers, over 80 nanometers, etc.


Transparent conductive film:

a) square resistance: <30ohm/sq

b) visible light transmittance: over 90% at 550nm

c) haze: less than 1.5

d) chromaticity: b*<1


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