High-temperature and high-speed tribometer

Technical Field: Machining
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer, Others
Status: Mass Production
From: China

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Tribology is an applied science with strong practical value. The tribometers that are most often used in domestic researches include roll-type tribometers, four-ball tribometers, reciprocating tribometers, cut-type tribometers, disk pin-type tribometers, etc. To measure the abrasion loss aims to research the phenomenon and its nature and evaluate the impacts of various factors in the process of wear and friction, so as to confirm the optimal coefficient of friction elements that are suited to requirements. The high-temperature and high-speed tribometer is a useful equipment in doing abrasion experiments with high temperature and high speed. It is widely used in the testing and evaluation of the performance of various high-speed cutters, and is a necessary equipment for the development and application of high-speed cutters and new cutting materials. This device is needed for the research of high-speed processing and tool materials. It will expand the research areas of the discipline and improve its level.

The main performance indicators of the tribometer is as follows.
The range of the spindle speed: 0~3000 r/min, stepless speed regulation.
The highest temperature that can endure: 1000 ℃.
The range of loading force: 0~20 N, by the use of weights.
The size of friction ball: Ф3 mm~Ф6 mm.
The size of friction plate: the maximum diameter d=80 mm, the maximum thickness h=10 mm.



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