Research and Application Based on the Video Image

Technical Field: Digital Audio-Video
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Co-development, Others
Status: R&D
From: China

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Research fileds including:

1) static image segmentation

2) overall calculation on the dynamic multi-frame image

3) Light-related issues

4) angle-related issues

5) person's static characteristic (dress, size, obvious defects ...)

6) person’s dynamic characteristics(speed, gravity trajectory of body move, swing characteristics of arm moving ...)

7) relationship between the suspect and vehicles

8) relationship between the suspect and the guesthouse


Application including: 

1) Intelligent Transportation

(a) identification and treatment of accident

(b) reversing safety systems

(c) highway driving violations detection

(d) city traffic flow publishing

2) Detection

(a) CRT quality testing

(b) gear surface quality inspection

3) Fast Track

4) logistics monitoring


Contact Person: Mr Gao
Tel: +86-512-65246015