Nanodiamond technology from Israel

Technical Field: Nanometer Material
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer, Co-development, Others
Status: R&D
From: Israel

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Why nanodiamond business?

•Diamond core with average size: 4-5 nano-meters having unique diamond properties

•Graphene-like (or OLC) structure

•Active surface shell of functional groups with unpaired electrons

Chemically active shell enables to attach inert tiny diamond crystals to molecules of chosen material, to transfer them unique features of diamond and to create new objects and materials with desired properties. Special ND surface modification is needed to provide desired interaction.


•ND compounds manufacturing:

•Filler reinforcing polymers

•Abrasive in fine polishing

•Additive in various coatings

•Anti-friction additive in lubricants

•Catalyst in power applications

•Delivery/contrast agent for bio-med


We have developed special techniques of mechanical, thermal and chemical NDF surface treatment leading to

•ND disaggregation (single primary particles)

•Covalent bonding with matrix’ molecules

•High dispersion within matrix material

•High efficiency of ND in the reaching desired properties of the compound with minimal ND content.


Method of cooperation:

•Synthesis of high-quality nanodiamonds (ND) by proprietary technology

•Unique techniques of surface modification of carbon nano-powders including ND of detonation synthesis and graphene

•Design of novel carbon nano-composite materials and products with desired properties

•Commercialization of  ND technologies by patenting and licensing


Contact Person: Mr Gao
Tel: +86-512-65246015