Magnetic system of MEMS scanning galvanometer

Technical Field: Laser processing
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer
Status: R&D
From: China

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Semiconductor laser and MEMS chip

•A single MEMS mirror, mirror diameter 1mm, overall chip size 3mm x 4mm, capable of 2D scanning, small size, low cost.

•Light reflectivity up to 90%, improving energy efficiency, low power consumption.

•Simple optical system, small size.

•Image resolution is determined by the amplitude and frequency, small size with high resolution is available.


Our galvanometer is electromagnetically driven.

©Process is not compatible with IC: during preparation process, bulk silicon technology and gold plating process are needed. MEMS foundries are needed for taping out.

© Single chip with compact structure.

©No electrostatic pull failures, more stable.

©Vacuum packaging not necessary, the electromagnetic force is a long-range force, able to provide a constant driving force in a wide angle range.

©Wide operating frequency range: the slow-axis vibration galvanometer can match image refreshing frequency, system imaging is simplified.


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