Measurement and diagnostic technology of large-power transformer partial discharge defects

Technical Field: Power Transmission and Transformation
Application Area: Electricity / Heating / Gas and Water Supply
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer
Status: Mass Production
From: China

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The technology proposes systematic and comprehensive method to exclude external interference on transformer partial discharge. Ultra-wideband antenna array positioning technology is put forward for transformer partial discharge. Aiming at the parameters of partial discharge defects, this technology addresses on partial discharge defect types and tackle with diagnostic methods. Automatic diagnostic software is designed to achieve this.


The technology has been verified by the laboratory tests and has been applied in Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company and ten power substations in Fujian Province. The anti-interference accuracy rate increased to 95%, 3 times as before.  Positioning technology error is no more than 30cm. Overall computation time is measured by seconds.  Y-type optimized array is 18 times bigger than the existing rectangular array.


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