Electric car charging system

Technical Field: Vehicles and Spare Parts
Application Area: Manufacturing
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Status: R&D
From: China

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High-power electric vehicle car charging system in compliance with international IEC and 3C requirements. A variety of charging modes available for charging lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries, charging time less than three hours. Reliable and fast charging.

1. Voltage range (220V ± 20%), ambient temperature (-20 ℃ -55 ℃).

2. With power factor correction, power factor bigger than 0.95, 40% energy saving compared with ordinary chargers.

3. The charging process is controlled by a microprocessor, reducing cell polarization and gassing, extending battery life and shortening charging time.

1. Output power: 3.2KW.

2. Input voltage: 220V ± 20%.

3. Charging rate (for 100AH):

Supplementary Charge: charging amount ≧ 80%; within two hours;

Fast charging: full charging amount within three hours.

4. Efficiency: ≧ 85%, Power Factor: ≧ 95%.

5. Safety and reliability: in compliance with international IEC regulations.


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