Variable-axis CNC machine tool

Technical Field: Machining
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Co-development
Status: Pilot Scale Test
From: China

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The variable-axis CNC machine tool is characterized by light weight, high stiffness and high accuracy. It can solve the machining tasks for precision mold, like complex surfaces, complex geometric parts. technical indicators: ① degrees of flexibility: 6; ② workspace: φ300 × 300 (mm); ③ Drive System: Ball (driven by a servo motor); ④ control system: IPC-610 IPC + PMAC-8 axis control; ⑤ accuracy: 40μ; ⑥ repeat positioning accuracy: ≤20μ; ⑦ position control resolution: 0.25μm.


Contact Person: Mr Gao
Tel: +86-512-65246015