Intelligent integrated safety seat for children

Technical Field: Vehicles and Spare Parts
Application Area: Manufacturing
Cooperation Method: Technology Transfer, Co-development
Status: Sample
From: China

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The seat is suitable for the protecting children aged 3-12 (height ranging from 996mm ~ 1492mm) in car. It is designed with the vehicle rear seat integrated. The cushion height can be adjusted depending on the height of the children. The protection device includes adjustable seat cushion, cushion height adjustment mechanism, built-in flank armrest, seat belt guide mechanism, motors and intelligent control system. The applied Bluetooth technology makes mobile phone a remote control.

Technical Features:

a) Headrest protection

The protection shelter can be installed in headrest. The protection shelter distance can be adjusted to match children of different size.

b) Seat adjustment

When the seat height is adjusted high, the cushion moves backward accordingly to accommodate children of different height. Meanwhile, both sides of the cushion turn up to provide lateral support for children.

c) Control system

The control system has an algorithm software that can automatically calculates best seat height based on the height of children. Seat position can be obtained after entering child height information in the system so as to achieve the best match of the seat belt and child passenger.


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