PP fiber material modification techniques and nonwovens applications

Technical Field: Compound Material | Macromolecule Material | Biomedical Material | Clothing | Daily Chemicals
Application Area: Manufacturing
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From: China

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The main objectives and requirements:

① To further increase PP fiber material modification.
② To make non-woven fabric features ultra-soft, antibacterial, multicolor, washable and fast soluble.  color pattern can be available. 
③ To increase device speed from 200m/min to 300m/min, production capacity more than 30%, reduce costs by 20%.
④ Hydrophilic rate ≥ 500% (less than 30g), penetration time less than 1.4s; antibacterial rate 99.99%; antistatic: low resistance ≤ 1 * 1010Ω-1 * 1011Ω high resistance ≤ 108Ω; softness ≤ 13M N (10 g ), horizontal and vertical elongation ≥ 120% (10 g for example), the lateral strength ≥ 25N; longitudinal strength ≥ 40N (20 g for example).


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