Noise reduction of less tooth difference planetary gear transmission mechanism

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Main objectives and requirements: driven by a motor, the device achieves deceleration through less tooth difference planetary transmission mechanism.

Now we need to address three problems: 

1. The device radiates noise more than 80db (A), a bigger noise when load carrying.
2. Regular abnormal noise occurs from some parts when rotated under load state.
3. Noise level and vibration was much bigger when driven by single-phase motor than three-phase motor.
Parameters required: 
(1) When independently tested,the noise produced at 1m from the machine does not exceed 60db (A). 
(2) No abnormal noise when equipment operate under load.
(3) When independently tested, either single-phase motor or three-phase motor,  the noise produced 1meter from the machine does not exceed 60db (A), vibration is same for single-phase motor and three-phase motor drive.


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