Industrial production of silver nanowires conductive coating liquid and flexible transparent conduct

Technical Field: Nanometer Material
Application Area: Manufacturing | Electricity / Keating / Gas and Water Supply
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From: China

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1) A way of mass producing size-controllable silver nanowires.
2) To modify formula of conductive coating liquid to produce flexible transparent conductive films. 
3) Specific technical indicators: 

Test Item Test method
Sheet resistance To test resistance of 20 points with 4 probes
Thickness(total thickness of the base film)
Transmittance 380-780nm transmittance  
Hardness To draw with H pencil with 750g weight pressed on top
Resistance to bending r=2mm/3000 times
Surface tension Test with dyne pen
Adhesive force Test with cross-cut tester
Sheet resistance uniformity  
Environmental test  
High-temperature Finished product put into 80 ℃ for 240h
High temperature and humidity Finished product put into 80 ℃, 90% RH, 240h
Thermocycling Finished product put into -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, 30 minutes each cycle, 100 cycles  
Salt spray 5% salt density, 35 ℃, 90% RH, 24h
Wet etching  


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